Want to remove Powered by Odoo backlink from your Odoo application or Website? Odoo provides their backlinks on every Odoo Application and Website in the footer section. If you wish to remove it completely or wish to add your own backlink, keep reading this blog.

Is it legal to remove ‘Powered by Odoo’ link and add your own company link?

This is the frequently asked question by many Odoo Developers. And the answer is Yes! It is legal to remove this link from your Odoo applications or Odoo Websites. Odoo is an Open Source application and that means you have the freedom to use it, modify it and even redistribute it.So you have full right to remove the footer Powered by Odoo link.

Steps to remove the ‘Powerd by Odoo’ link from Login Page

Powered by Odoo Link
Powered by Odoo Link

Now let us see how to remove Powered by Odoo link. There are many ways in which we can proceed. We can either choose to use already available Custom Module from the App store, or we can develop our own module.There is another simple way in which we will edit the Login Layout view of our Odoo Application. Now let’s see how.

    1. Login to your Odoo application as an Admin.
    2. Activate the Technical Settings (Developer Mode) by going to Settings->Activate the developer mode.
    3. Then under the User Interface option, select the Views.

      Technical settings
      Technical settings
    4. Search for Login Layout View. Click to open and then say Edit.
    5. Here we have two options, we can comment out the following code from view to completely remove the Powered by Odoo link. Or we can choose to edit it to add our Company name and link.
      <!--a href="https://www.odoo.com" target="_blank">Powered by <span>Odoo</span></a>-->


      Login Layout View
      Login Layout View
    6. Once we are done with editing, we need to click on Save.
    7. Now we need to go to the browser and refresh Odoo application view. Log out and you will notice that the Powered by Odoo Link has been removed.

      Odoo Login Page
      Odoo Login Page
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Steps to remove Powered by Odoo Copyright from Odoo Websites

Odoo Website
Odoo Website

By default, Odoo website shows you Powered by Odoo copyright at the lower right corner of the page, in the footer. You can change that by changing the Footer Copyright QWeb View of Odoo. In order to do that, you need to access the backend of your website.

  1. Activate the Developer Mode.
  2. Go to Technical Settings-> User Interface -> Views.
  3. Search for Footer Copyright View and say edit.
  4. Comment out the following code from your view if you wish to completely remove it or you can edit it if you want to.
    <!-- Powered by <a class="label label-danger" href="http://www.odoo.com/page/website-builder">Odoo</a>,
    the #1 <a href="http://www.odoo.com/page/e-commerce">Open Source eCommerce</a>. -->
  5. Click on Save.
  6. Go to your Browser and refresh your website view.

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Another way to remove this link would be to create a new custom module and add the following code to the XML File.

<template id="layout_FC" inherit_id="website.layout_footer_copyright">
    <xpath expr="//div[@t-ignore='true']" position="replace">

I hope this article helped you remove Powered by Odoo link from your Login Page as well as from your Website. You may also want to check out our guide on Step By Step Installation of Odoo 11 On AWS EC2.



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